About Us

Rogue Studios, originally founded in 1987 has seen a massive range of artists from a variety of genres pass through it’s doors. From helping to establish up and coming London rap/grime artists in the underground scene to producing chart breaking rock and metal acts, we are dedicated to achieving the greatest result with every single one of our clients.



Our team




Alessio Garavello



Acclaimed rock singer has been working as a session musician and vocal coach for over a decade. Singing with bands such as DragonForce and touring for a number of years with high profile rock groups, Alessio started producing in 2011 and has since helped grow hundreds of artists from around the world.





Michael Kew



Starting his career producing local London bands in 2012, Michael began playing guitar and keyboards in rock and pop groups touring with artists such as Joe Elliott (Def Leppard), and performing at festivals worldwide. He currently produces and works with establishing artists.





Andrea Lonardi


Gigging musician for over a decade, Andrea became the studio manager at Rogue Studios in 2014. He quickly became the core of the studio with his knowledge and passion for studio gear, whilst also being an experienced session bassist. He is the person you will speak to when booking your session and we’re more than sure he can advise you with what you need.